Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Every day we’re exposed to hundreds or thousands of messages vying for our attention. It’s a non-stop assault waged by advertisers and evangelists, friends and politicians, a battle where a moment with our minds is the sole prize and issues such as health care, immigration, intelligent design, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq must compete for our engagement with mom and MTV and New Tide with protein power and Glenn Beck. The issues frequently lose. They lose and before we know it, today’s concerns have become tomorrow’s history.

Sometimes it’s only then, with the weight of history attached to them, that certain topics achieve their appropriate level of resonance in our lives.

Public Service Public Art Project subverts a traditional platform of historical information, the historical marker, in order to add the weight of history to some of today’s most pressing issues. This, hopefully, will help people to view them with more gravitas.

Whereas traditional historical markers celebrate the site of a battle or the birthplace of a famous person, mine deal with contemporary concerns: homelessness, health care, immigration, tv violence. One reads: ON THIS SITE STOOD JANE KING, WHOSE WHITE MALE COWORKERS EARN 39% MORE THAN SHE DOES FOR DOING THE SAME JOB. They are all on topics of national interest.

I propose placing 4 to 6 ‘historic’ markers and 4 to 6 bronze plaques in appropriate spots around Governor's Island.


(Click on this one to see it larger)


Norm Magnusson b. 1960
(845) 679-6662 mossmag@aol.com www.funism.com


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